The Firm

Since 1975, Coronel & Pérez has been recognized as one of the most prestigious law firms in Ecuador, with a wide and proven record in managing local and international complex issues.

Where We Come From

The essence of Coronel & Pérez is grounded in excellence, responsibility, and ethics, with which we have handled every case entrusted by our clients. Over time, our firm has built a strong reputation, both locally and internationally. The dedication and expertise of our lawyers have allowed us to be recognized as leaders in the practice areas we represent, with a special ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients from foreign jurisdictions.

Where We Are

With offices in Guayaquil and Quito, Coronel & Pérez has strategically positioned itself in Ecuador to serve not only the local community but also a growing base of international clients. Although each office has its resident staff, most of our lawyers reflect our commitment to having a nationally scoped professional practice, actively working in both locations. Our focus has always been to deeply understand our clients' needs and adapt our teams to provide the highest quality services.

Where We Are Going

With the aspiration to consolidate and expand our position, Coronel & Pérez looks to the future. Our legacy, the reputation of our partners, and the energy of the new generations guarantee that we will remain at the forefront of the legal world, facing whatever challenges may arise.


Coronel & Pérez has received recognition as a leading firm from important global legal guides. This distinction is a testament to our strong reputation and the commitment with which we handle every case entrusted by our clients.