International Focus

A Competitive Perspective

In today's world, legal issues transcend geographical boundaries and require, for proper attention, a deep understanding of local law with an international approach derived from experience in different markets and multiple jurisdictions.
At Coronel & Pérez, we have extensive experience advising foreign companies in their operations in Ecuador and vice versa, as well as in transactions subject to foreign laws or involving multiple jurisdictions. Furthermore, most of our lawyers hold master's degrees from renowned universities and have worked in international or multilateral firms. This international focus enables us to understand and effectively meet our clients' needs in various areas.

How we do it?

  • Addressing international trade and commercial regulations.
  • Facilitating business structuring and compliance with foreign regulations.
  • Resolving international disputes and participating in arbitration processes.
  • Providing international intellectual property protection and licensing.
  • Offering guidance on corporate immigration and international personnel transfers.
  • Leading cross-border mergers and acquisitions.
  • Supporting foreign investments and investment structuring.
  • Ensuring compliance with international privacy and data protection regulations.
  • Advising on international labor law matters.
  • Managing risks and ensuring regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Handling regulatory and competition issues.

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June 7, 2023

Aplicación Supletoria del COGEP en el Arbitraje

Por: Jorge Sicouret Zea El arbitraje está considerado como un mecanismo que se adapta a las necesidades de las partes. En tal virtud, la Ley de Arbitraje y Mediación ("LAM") tiene pocas normas imperativas y, más bien, deja a la libre voluntad de las partes la mayor parte del diseño del procedimiento. Para evitar que el…
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Novedades | Insight
May 12, 2023

La protección de datos personales debe ser prioridad

Requisitos en una acción extraordinaria de protección para superar la etapa de admisibilidad
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